The A+ Tutors and Virtual Academy Homeschool Support program provides instruction for students in Grades 3 – 10. Certified educators and skilled assistants work with students to not only increase knowledge of subjects across the curriculum, but also to develop and support effective study skills and work habits while building confidence and independence that lasts. Daily instruction is provided to students in Core Academic Subjects, Enrichment Activities, and Test Preparation. The unique model of A+ Tutors and Virtual Academy provides students with a wealth of hands-on materials, technology-based experiences, project-based learning activities and optimum resources to guide each student to confidence in learning and success in real-life academic experiences.

The instruction for each subject area is presented in both digital and print format. Lessons are carefully constructed to provide engaging, interactive experiences.

Using live and offline instruction, each student engages daily in high levels of rigor and relevance through a collaborative and personalized learning experience. Students can choose the best time and place to complete their lessons. 

A+ Tutors and Virtual Academy provides the following Homeschool Support services:

  • Personal video or phone conference meeting time with each student to plan or review lesson work
  • Engaging lessons that are thematic and project-based 
  • Curriculum materials and lesson activities in digital and print format
  • Regular reviews of student work and written feedback, assessments, and semester- and year-end narrative evaluations.
  • Periodic cumulative records and provision of certificates of completion.

Our curriculum is developed utilizing nationwide academic standards and is designed to cover the core subjects for each grade level. Our standards are research based and rigorous. A+ Tutors and Virtual Academy can effectively provide engaging, interactive, and personalized education opportunities for each child.

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